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The document shown below are the Conditions of Hire & Premises Conditions, with which Hirers are expected to comply during their use of Dunchurch Village Hall. Any queries arising from this document should be referred to the Bookings Secretary.

(Registered Charity Number 519906)
Conditions of Hire

1. Introduction

Hirers should familiarise themselves and ensure strict compliance with these Hire Conditions and various notices displayed in the Premises which provide information about the facilities and their usage. Hirers should contact the Bookings Secretary if clarification is required. In the event of an emergency occurring, the names and telephone numbers of the Trustees (“the Trustees”) of the Premises who can be contacted are provided on the main notice board in the Premises

2. Safety Security and Regulations

2.1 Hirers are advised to make an appropriate announcement prior to commencement of the event with regard to what action should be taken in the event of an emergency.

2.2 Hirers shall comply with all conditions and regulations relating to the Premises stipulated by the fire, police, local or other authority particularly in connection with any event which includes public dancing or music, other public entertainment, the sale of alcohol or the preparation or serving of food.

2.3 The Fire Brigade shall be called to an outbreak of fire and the Premises evacuated in an orderly manner. Additionally, a representative of the Trustees should be contacted immediately and all details should be given to the Bookings Secretary.  FIREWORKS are NOT permitted in the hall or on the sportsfield.

2.4 Hirers shall be responsible for ensuring that all licences necessary for the activities to be carried on have been obtained.

3. Use of the Premises

3.1 Hirers will be held responsible for the safety, security and care of the Premises and their contents and shall be liable for all damage to property and injury to persons caused by, or arising from, their activities and use of the premises.
There is a NOISE LIMITER installed in the Main Hall for the satisfaction of local residents.  This is set at a maximum volume of 95 decibels.  If you go above that limit this will switch off the power to the hall and you will not be able to switch it back on again until a keyholder is called out.  This will obviously affect your enjoyment of the hall and needs to be considered strongly.  Calling out keyholders for such an occasion may result in loss of your bond in full or part.  You may wish to discuss this point before booking.

3.2 Hirers shall ensure that any electrical appliances brought on to the Premises shall be safe, in good working order, carrying a PAT tested sticker (where appropriate) and used in a safe manner and that any inflammable, explosive, dangerous or offensive articles are not taken on to the Premises without permission.

3.3 Hirers must report to the Bookings Secretary all accidents involving physical injury and incidents which cause or could cause. injury or damage as soon as possible and complete an Accident/Incident Report Sheet (kept in the First Aid Box on the kitchen wall) Any failure of equipment, brought in by Hirers that might affect the Premises or facilities or belonging to the Trustees, must also be reported as soon as possible.

3.4 Hirers must ensure that the hours when the Premises may be used as stated in the Hire Agreement are strictly observed and sufficient time must be allowed for clearing up at the end of the event in order that the Premises can be closed and locked at the designated time

3.5 All facilities used must be left safe, secure, clean tidy and ready for the next user (leave the Premises as Hirers would wish to find them) In particular:

(a) Sweep, mop, vacuum clean and wipe all areas that need it
(b) Turn off all lighting and appliance switches and return the heating radiator thermostats to position 2.
(c) Return hall chairs to the store room stacking them 8 high.
(d) Wipe hall tables and return to the store room stacked tidily and compactly
(e) Ensure that all rubbish from the event is taken away from the Premises
(f) Check the security doors and properly secure the Premises including setting the access security system.
(g) Only in emergency or if given permission by the Trustees are Hirers authorised to touch the main electrical, gas, water or sewage controls or settings.
(h) Ensure that animals other than dogs for disabled people are not brought on to the Premises.
(i)  Ensure no nails, screws, adhesive tape, blu-tack, or equivalent may be driven into or fixed on to walls, doors, glass, floor, furniture or fittings.
(j) Ensure that noise from the Premises does not cause nuisance to persons in the neighbourhood particularly when persons are leaving the Premises and as far as possible keep doors and windows closed to avoid noise nuisance.

3.6     An appropriate additional charge may be made to Hirers in the event of a breach of any of these conditions.

4. Premises Conditions

4.1 Duly authorised officers of Rugby Borough Council, the Fire Authority, Police Authority and the Trustees may carry out random checks that Hirers are complying with the Hire Conditions and relevant statutory provisions

4.2 Alcohol may only be sold at an event by firstly obtaining from the Bookings Secretary an ‘Authority to Sell Alcohol’. By signing the Hire Agreement, Hirers acknowledge having read the ‘Authority to Sell Alcohol’ document and undertake to abide by the conditions contained in it. Where applicable Hirers must display a copy of the Authority to Sell Alcohol in a prominent position at the event.

4.3 Occupancy levels - The Maximum Occupancy levels in the various parts of the Premises and which must not be exceeded are:
Main Hall – for seated dinner/social events – 130 persons.
Main Hall arranged theatre style – 160 persons.
Committee Room – 30 persons
Lounge –40 persons
Annexe Club Room – 40 persons.

5. Indemnity

5.1 It is the responsibility of Hirers to ensure that any body or person employed by the Hirers to supply any equipment (e.g. a bouncy castle) has appropriate and adequate insurance against all claims arising from the use of such equipment.

5.2 The Trustees shall not be liable for loss or damage to any property which may be brought on to the Premises.

5.3 Hirers shall be liable for all damage or breakages caused by Hirers or persons on the Premises with their express or implied consent.

6. Payment of Hire Fees and Cancellation

6.1 Payment shall be made strictly in accordance with the terms given in the Hire Agreement. The right is reserved to request a Bond of up to £500 as a security in the event of any breach of these conditions by Hirers.

6.2. If Hirers cancel a booking the following sums will be payable:

6.2.1 For a Weekend Booking (including one on Friday evening)
If the cancellation is less than 2 months before the event the whole of the   Hire Charge.
If the cancellation is 2 months or more but less than 6 months before the event 50% of the Hire Charge.

6.2.2 for any other booking:
if cancellation is less than 3 months before the event the whole of the Hire
Where a series of such bookings is cancelled the charge will be applied to    each one falling in the 3 month period with a minimum sum of £12.00.

6.3 The Trustees reserve the right to cancel a hiring in the event of the Premises being required for use as a polling station for a parliamentary or local election or for use in an emergency by medical or other services, in which case Hirers shall be entitled to a refund of any deposit or advance payment already made .

6.4 In the event of the Premises, or any part of them, being rendered unfit for the use for which they have been hired or required for any purposes specified in clause 6.3 the Trustees shall not be liable to Hirers for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.


7. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

7.1 The Trustees would like to collect and process Hirers’ information (i.e. personal information from which Hirers could be identified) and make contact with Hirers as hirers of the Premises for the purposes of providing Hirers with notices, news, information and updates about the Trustees and the Premises to enable Hirers to enjoy the hire of the Premises and to be fully informed about matters relating to them.

7.2 As a controller of Hirers’ information, the Trustees will need to show that they have explicit consent from Hirers in order to be able to continue to communicate with Hirers. By signing the Hire Agreement Hirers will indicate consent to this. The Trustees will not share Hirers’ information with anyone else except, where necessary in connection with the use of the Premises or where specifically authorised by Hirers in connection with their activities and the Trustees will only keep the information for so long as is reasonably necessary after the hire ceases.

7.3 The GDPR gives Hirers the right to access, rectify or restrict the processing of their information and they may withdraw consent at any time.  To exercise any of these rights Hirers should email the Trustees’ Secretary, currently at j.chard@ntlworld.com or write to him at “Springfields” Rocheberie Way Rugby CV22 6EG or at such other addresses as shall be notified.

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Hallmark 3 achieved

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